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Monday, December 21, 2009

Heyman Is "TNA's Most Wanted"

If it were up to TNA fans, the next addition to the roster would be Paul Heyman. At least that was the view of Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch readers, who cast their votes at the website. I concur. In fact, I concurred two years ago when we ran a cover story in The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling: "TNA To The Extreme: Will Paul Heyman Lead An ECW Faction To Florida?"

At the time, we wanted to see TNA turn over creative to Heyman, and we felt that an angle where he led an NWO-like faction of former ECW wrestlers, including Rob Van Dam, Lita, and Sabu, was the perfect entree. With Jeff Jarrett still in power, we didn't expect TNA to heed our call (truthfully, we never expect anyone to heed our call; we can only hope). When Jarrett was sent home (where Karen Angle awaited him; what punishment!), the Internet was filled with speculation as to who would fill his power void.

Over time, it became clear that the void would be filled by TNA President Dixie Carter, and Hulk Hogan will fit prominently into the mix come January 4, when Impact and Raw go head to head for the first time.

So what about Heyman, who is known to be a handful for management but who could potentially bolster TNA's bottom line?

"He'd have the vision and passion to do incredible things if given the keys to TNA's assets," said PW Torch's Wade Keller, in reaction to his website's poll results. "A combination of [Jim] Ross and Heyman, with the star power and credibility of Hulk Hogan, along with Ric Flair and a part-time commitment from Rob Van Dam would be the ideal January 4 set of surprises for me."

Heyman garnered 31 percent of the vote, followed by RVD at 23 percent, Jim Ross at 12 percent, with Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Mr. Kennedy, and JBL also receiving attention.

How would you have voted? And what are your thoughts on Paul Heyman?

Stu Saks/Publisher

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