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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pro Wrestling's Person of The Year

As most of you have heard by now, Time magazine recently named its "Person Of The Year." Ben Bernanke may not have been a sexy choice, but considering how the economy has affected so many of us in 2009, the Chairman of The United States Federal Reserve was probably the right choice.

This selection also got me thinking about who the most influential person in the world of pro wrestling has been over the past year. Of course, with WWE's stranglehold on the industry, Vince McMahon is and probably always will be the person, who for better or worse, has most influenced the events of the past year.

But McMahon is too easy and obvious a choice as far as I'm concerned. To simply blurt out McMahon requires no thought, introspection, or analyses. That's why I would nominate TNA President Dixie Carter as wrestling's person of the year.

Does Dixie wield as much power or cache as Vinny Mac? Of course not. Has her company grossed as much revenue as McMahon's? Not even close. But she did do something nobody's been able to do in more than a decade-she got Vince and WWE thinking about competition.

Like many of you, I predict Hogan's run in TNA will be a flop and the January 4th head-to-head battle will be a ratings slaughter that ends in WWE's favor. I doubt TNA is in any position to usurp WWE's place atop the business, and regardless of what happens on Jan. 4, WWE will remain the most dominant brand in the industry. And I'm sure Vince is losing little sleep over TNA's "challenge." But, when was the last time WWE had to concern itself with another wrestling promotion for any reason? Paul Heyman, Gabe Sapolsky, Anonio Inoki, and Carey Silkin haven't breached that barrier in recent times. But Carter did it in late-November and for that I think she is 2009 wrestling's person of the year. What do you think? Let me know who you think wrestling's Person of the Year was in '09 and why.

--Frank Krewda


Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

Dixie is a good choice. Another contender would be Linda McMahon, whose Senate bid has probably influenced WWE's product - and its attempts to alter its public image - throughout much of the year as much as anything.
-Al Castle
PWI Contributing Writer

Michael said...

Dixie makes sense to me. While it won't make TNA a huge contender, it has gotten the wrestling world buzzing about their product. It was a bold move on her part. For the fan's sake, let's hope she makes the most out of Hogan's contract.

Anonymous said...
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