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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hypedown: 2010

Is there any way possible that either, or both, WWE and/or TNA meets the phenomenal expectations of this evening's Monday night skirmish?

If so, who wins and who loses?

-Frank Ingiosi
Senior Writer, Pro Wrestling Illustrated


Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

Frank Ingiosi's report on tonight's Raw-Impact showdown will be posted tomorrow morning at

Frank's "The Turn" column is posted every Friday. I'd recommend bookmarking it.

Stu Saks/Publisher

Anonymous said...

Bring back Eddie Ellner!

Potsy said...

Frank, you forgot to take points away for Hogan getting the Nasty Boys a job...and then saying they didn't mention Raw while technically true, Hogan did mention "going up north."

Who wants to se Knobbs and Saggs "wrestling" anymore? I'd rather see another Eric Bischoff karate match...or David Arquette.

Just me, I guess...I think Jarrett ought to come out and show the video of hitting Hogan with a guitar, and then say, "I don't know why he's so isn't like I was sleeping with HIS wife..." Wow...yeah it should go there.

-Frank Ingiosi said...

Give it some time. If history has taught me anything, it's that Hogan and Bischoff are equally as capable of winning the race to the bottom as McMahon.

I don't think I phrased the reference to TNA not relying on WWE-bashing clearly enough. There have been nights where TNA just rehashes old WWE storylines as if it were TNA history. There were a few veiled shots throughout the night, but not the anti-WWE crutch that tended to appear far too often.

Finally, I think we'd all like to see another Eric Bischoff karate match. That was the epitome of cringe television.