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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paying Tribute To Our Den Mother (Some Georgie Remembrances)

Georgiann Makropoulos, the queen of wrestling journalism, impacted nearly everyone in the industry for 50 years. From wrestlers to the fans, she was everyone’s friend and a respected journalist.

She died of an apparent heart attack on Monday at age 69.

We first met when the former Miss Orsi wrote her monthly fan club review in the ’60s newsstand magazines. She looked at my Original Sheik newsletter and said "Needs work, Hon." That was Georgie—brutally honest.

I’ll never forget her taking me to Arnie Skaaland’s private Holland Hotel enclave in 1974 to get credentialed to photograph a show at Madison Square Garden. “He’ll forget he took care of you last month. Give him this cigar and you’re set!”

She was right. She usually was.

At home, Georgie was all about family, dedicated to husband, George, and their Siamese cat Rocky. She was usually the first person to send me a holiday card each year (with photos including Rocky “reading” PWI).

Georgie attended nearly every Madison Square Garden card for years on end, sitting in her reserved second-row seat. She loved wrestling but had several other interests. “When I want a break from reporting, I hit Atlantic City to gamble and see Don Rickles,” she once told me.

Georgie was also an Elvis Presley historian and loved to talk about being at the Ed Sullivan Theater to see The Beatles’ U.S. debut.

She was a wonderful person who left a huge impact on so many. She will have a sacred spot in my heart for as long as I live.

—Mike Lano

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