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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So far, all I've been able to piece together about WWE NXT is that the format involves some sort of partnering system whereby select WWE veterans pair off with select WWE newcomers/prospects for reasons heretofore undisclosed.

Of course, Vince McMahon touted this as "the next evolution of sports entertainment," but it smells a lot like a cross between Tough Enough and The Ultimate Fighter to me, which in all reality were previous stages on sports entertainment's evolution chart.

Regardless, I couldn't help but laugh at the notion that the pairing of The Miz and Bryan Danielson-Oops! Daniel Bryan-can be seen as "evolutionary" in any sense of the word. What in the world can Miz teach Danielson about wrestling? While Danielson was setting new standards for mat wrestling around the globe, The Miz was baring his soul on MTV confession cams. Is he going to teach Danielson the WWE "style"? Please!

Granted, The Miz has infinitely more personality and charisma than Danielson, but you can't teach charisma. Yes, The Miz reeled off an excellent promo on Raw a few weeks back, but we're not talking about Ric Flair here. He's The Miz ... and he is good, not AWESEOME!!!

Bryanson Daniels may have "evolved" to a new pay grade by signing with WWE, but Darwin must be rolling over in his grave! I sincerely hope Dyan Branielson gets the security he seeks in WWE, but the jump just feels like a giant leap backward.

Now, I'm not going to bury NXT without having watched an episode, but any scenario in which The Miz is presented as being superior to Bryan Dan-Daniel Bryan-seems flawed. What do you think?
Frank Krewda

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Carlos Pimentel said...

Not necessarily, The Miz, though hard to believe, is an excellent candidate for the role of mentor for Daniel Bryan. Who else but Miz could go from reality star to the only man in the WWE to hold both the United States and Unified Tag Team Titles? It didn't happen overnight for Miz to become the WWE star that he is, it took confidence in his abilities, which will be something that Danielson will have to experience for himself.

As for Danielson's mat wrestling skills being superior to that of The Miz, you would be stating the same case if any number of WWE superstars were fixed into the mentor role.

Major promotions such as WWE and TNA deal on an entertainment level; so despite his god-given talents, it means nothing if Danielson cannot entertain.

WWE and Danielson made the right call of being placed in FCW before progressing further; seeing as McGuinness, and his pointless name change, dropped from the peak of a champion to being shuffled in the mid card deck.

Plus, every wrestler needs to seek the best pay grade, especially with their line of work. If Danielson were a woman, then that would be a whole different set of problems when choosing to come to the WWE. Because someone like Gail Kim, who made women's wrestling a respected division in TNA, is jobbing to supermodels in WWE.

WWE will be looking to make as many stars like Daniel Bryan as possible, to alleviate their lack of star power in the WWE. So let us accept the decision that Bryan Danielson made and hope for the best.