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Monday, March 22, 2010

The War That Wasn't

The new "Monday Night Wars" should no longer be referred to as a "war" at all. At least until TNA Impact demonstrates that it can at least maintain the 1.2-ish ratings it drew pre-January 4. Nobody, including the brain trust at TNA, could have possibly believed TNA would have scored anything even remotely close to Raw's numbers. I certainly didn't, yet I believed going head to head with WWE on Monday NIghts was the right move for wrestling, which was in desperate need of a shake-up.

I thought that just being in the same timeslot as Raw would goose Impact's rating just a bit. Instead the ratings went in the other direction, failing to crack the 1.0 mark. So much for a rising tide lifting all ships. What these embarrassing ratings now do is put even more strain on Hogan and company to put on a show that doesn't reek of 1987.

The one thing TNA has going for it is the the unpredictability factor, but whatever the creative minds come up with, Impact needs to be based on in-ring action, not who's kidnapping whom in the parking lot. Not who's super cool ring with give him "Mega-hulkster" powers, or who's trying to break into the building. The show needs to be grounded in Style's acrobatic brilliance, Angle's matt mastery, and Morgan's aggressiveness. There is no promo Hogan or Flair or Bischoff can give us that will make new fans switch away from Raw. I also thought the presence of another show on Monday night would inspire Vince McMahon to once again pull out all the stops, but since this "war" is scarcely competitive, it's clear he sees no need to bother, and quite honestly, neither do I. Yes, it's early and TNA would be hasty to turn tail and slink back to Thursday night, but do me a favor, please, wake me up when the war starts.
--Frank Krewda

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