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Monday, May 3, 2010

A True Win-Win For TNA

I am a Ric Flair "mark." Always have been. Always will be. But even I was dismayed by the prospect of him wrestling Abyss on Impact. Just the idea of a 60-something man donning tights and becoming a jiggling, bleeding mess makes me feel embarrassed for Flair and TNA.

At this point, I doubt any fans want to see the "Nature Boy" in the ring. However, I think many more still enjoy the dramatic, over-the-top promos only Flair can deliver (although I must admit, Flair has lost his fastball in this department as well). So, how can TNA use this wrestling legend in a way that embarrasses nobody?

Enter Matt Morgan. Morgan is an athletic behemoth who, A) Seems to be going nowhere fast, and B) Isn't the most gifted talker in pro wrestling.

See where this is going?

A partnership between Flair and Morgan accomplishes several positive things without hurting anyone. For example, when was the last time wrestling saw a truly charismatic and enduring male manager? Flair, already known as "The Dirtiest Player In The Game," would fit the bill to a T.

He's got the gift of gab, the guile, and the wrestling experience to gain instant credibility as Morgan's handler. Flair could easily mask Morgan's deficiencies on the microphone, which would add another dimension to Morgan's character. Besides, Flair's long past the point where he can contribute anything truly meaningful inside the ring. Why not use all those skills and experience to elevate a very promising talent like Morgan?

It's not as if Morgan couldn't use the help. In the Volume 34, 2010 issue of The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling (on sale June 8), we document some of the travails Morgan has faced in trying to establish himself among TNA's elite. Without giving too much away, I think it's safe to assume that Morgan's stock would rise considerably with Flair guiding his career.

Flair wants to stay relevant to the business, Morgan wants to go to the top. Neither appears likely in the immediate future as long as these men stay on their current paths. But by working together, both stand a better chance of getting what they want.

Smells like a true win-win, which is something TNA is desperate for these days. What do you think?

Frank Krewda

1 comment:

"Handsome" Dan said...

I think that's a great way to sell your upcoming issue of The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling. Can't say I fault you, though. Always gotta remember where that bread is buttered.

The fact is, the TNA powers-that-be aren't going to put Flair and Morgan together unless one of two things happen: either Morgan starts getting over on his own (in which case, he won't need Flair anymore but that won't stop them from putting Flair with him and killing his momentum since they did it to AJ), OR they catch wind of Morgan skipping town and going to the WWE. Either way, if Morgan becomes a hot commodity in any way, shape or form, Hogan will quickly pounce on that by teaming him with Flair, thereby giving him an excuse to ride on yet ANOTHER promising young star's coattails and garner more face-time for, you guessed it, HIMSELF!