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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Randy Orton, Babyface ... I'm not buying it

When Senior Writer Dave Lenker started sending columns questioning Randy Orton's push several months ago, I kinda brushed it off. Probably jealous of Orton's look. Spending too much time with that old crank Brock, I figured. But here we are a few years later and somehow, someway, Orton has become a fan favorite.


Yes, he's a lean, good-looking athlete who bullied two loathesome stooges and kicked some people in the head. For that, he was justifiably and understandably hated. Now, however, he is soundly cheered. Was his WrestleMania 26 victory over Legacy that impressive?

What has Randy Orton done in the ring or on the microphone lately that would inspire fans to cheer for him? In my humble opinion, his wrestling is average, his look is average, and his promos are below average. His attempts at portraying a mentally deranged sociopath are unconvincing at best.

I don't know Randy Orton, nor have I ever met him, but by many accounts, he's surly and not particularly fan-friendly. His history of bad beahvior, though in his past, hardly makes him an effective ambassador for the business.

His body of work was more entertaining to me when he was a goofy prospect who interrupted Raw with his unsolicited updates on the Titantron.

Admittedly, Orton was a very effective heel when he was running around delivering head punts, but those days seem far behind him. Is that alone enough to make him a beloved babyface? Somebody please explain this to me.

-Frank Krewda


Mad Conservative said...

Randy Orton hasn't changed a bit, just the people around him have gotten worse than him.

I would like to request the PWI 500 information packet. I've TRIED emails but no responses...and yes I saw the online form but would like all the other addresses to submit information which 2009's info seems no longer valid.

Mad Conservative said...

Which my email is -