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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TNA: Looking for Love

Whether it's a cable network deal, a move to Thursdays, a live show, or a move to Mondays, TNA always seems to me so much like the proverbial longing-for-love single -- always checking the door to see if the next person walking into the room could be her destiny.

Always clinging to its moniker of providing Total Nonstop Action, TNA has come to mean so much to so many. As a company, it has persevered over the years, living largely off the reputation of a strong X division and a collection of WWE defectors and castoffs. It has lived with tempered expectations and applauded itself for the few decent accomplishments it has had.

It always tried for the baby steps.

When I met Dixie Carter at YouShoot Live last week, I asked her if going back to Thursday night was any sort of a setback. Her answer was not really unexpected, but still somewhat surprising. She believes with all of her heart that TNA had nothing to lose by exposing itself to a Monday night crowd. She also said that the fans have to respect it just for trying.

I never believed it, until I heard the confidence and conviction with which she spoke. Recently, TNA's future has been subject to so much debate, especially these last six months since it added 180 years of experience (with just three men!). Will it survive the year? Will Panda ever become frustrated over sluggish ratings and a bloated payroll, and cut ties? Where can TNA ever go after having to retreat from Monday nights?

TNA might not make all of the right decisions all of the time. A lot of times, it may seem like they aren't necessarily making any. Still, you have to admire Carter and her boys for having the gusto to always try to move forward, even when it seems there are millions telling them TNA just isn't ready.

After all, you are never going to meet "Mr. Right" by staying home on your couch eating bon-bons.

--Brady Hicks
Contributing Writer


Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

As a Spike exec or a TNA investor, I might agree with Dixie's point. TNA should be respected for taking such a bold, if not premature, step. However, as a fan, respecting TNA's decision to go to Monday nights would be much easier had TNA give me something to be excited about. The April 19 show was great, but TNA was unable to follow that up with anything compelling. And the so-called "alternative" on Monday nights never materialized.
Frank Krewda

brady said...

Amen amen!

"Handsome" Dan said...

Check out my latest blog in which I break down the talent in TNA "From Top To Bottom" here