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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Raw Musings: Double Standard Edition

Sadly, there were two potential glaring examples of this last night on Raw.
Number 1: Get the F Out, Bret
WWE has released guys like Shelton Benjamin and The Bashams ad nauseum over the years, in essence because they’re great workers but can’t talk very well so creative has “nothing for them.”
Yet Raw has Bret Hart, a veritable legend who was never the greatest orator even when in his prime, in the role as General Manager – one that involves numerous speaking opportunities.
Last night, Wade Barrett and the NXT guys cut the promo of their lives…and in response, Bret flubbed multiple lines and actually said WWF (which I think is punishable by lethal injection in 14 states and Puerto Rico) on live television. Honestly, he made Jeremy Piven look like Ric Flair.
I know the guy has had a stroke and everything, but he’s unfortunately adding very little to that role in his current state. It’s a shame; I loved Bret as much as anyone when he was an active wrestler, but the guy who would be perfect for his role happens to be AJ Styles’ mouthpiece three days a month.
I just hope he makes it long enough for me to hear him say “in the SummerSlam” 14 times.
Number 2: Homicide is All Fun and Games until someone loses a necktie
Daniel Bryan was released last week, seemingly out of nowhere. Many “insiders” speculate it’s an angle, and that maybe Bryan was driving the limo that caused all the damage at the end of Raw.
Of course, there are other “insiders” that have speculated that his firing was because Bryan broke the “PG rules” of the company by choking out Justin Roberts with his tie on Raw last week – which, of course, is a no-no thanks to the whole Chris Benoit situation a few years back.
If that’s the case and his release isn’t fabricated (something which John Cena’s recent Twitter musings lead even more people to believe), then I ask this: So, using an object to strangle a ring announcer is punishable by firing, yet thousands of dollars of property damage and attempted vehicular homicide on an “authority figure” is fine?
Yeah, I don’t get that one.
Oh, and also, if last night wasn’t further indication that Raw needs to lose the guest host, I don’t know what is. Credit to USA and WWE for the corporate synergy, and credit to Mark Feuerstein for being enthusiastic (and apparently a WWE fan, even if only by association of his buddy Big Show).
But two segments, one of which being a backstage pre-tape and the other being a “match” against Ted DiBiase and Virgil? That has to be an all-time non-Bradley Cooper low for a guest host…and I’d be willing to bet that 75% of the fans in Charlotte and a good portion of the viewers had no clue who that guy even is (which is a shame, because Royal Pains is a fun show).
 -Louie Dee
Contributing Writer