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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Like many fans, I was disappointed to hear about two recent firings, those of Bryan Danielson and Nikki Roxx (Roxxi). Both are superb wrestlers who undoubtedly should have had a permenant home in their respective brands.

But like marriage and health care, wrestling exists in parallel universes. You have the realm of the ideal, and the painful reality. As details on the release of Danielson and Roxxi continue to reveal themselves over the upcoming days, I think it is important to remember that suffereing an unfair or unpopular setback doesn't necessarily mean death in the wrestling business.

Once upon a time, Eric Bischoff decided that Steve Autin had no future in wrestling ... and we all saw how that turned out. More recently, AJ Styles declined a WWE developmental offer, and doing so might have been the smartest thing he's done for his career (you can read all the details in the October 2010 Pro Wrestling Illustrated, on sale August 3).

That is precisely why I see no merit in signing a petition to bring Danielson back to WWE or flooding Dixie Carter's Twitter account to re-instate Roxxi at TNA, as I've seen suggested on various wrestling sites. Yes, we enjoy their contributions, and they surely belong in the "big leagues," but do we really want to consign Danielson to a mid-card (at best) career, or Roxxi to on-again, off-again membership in a volatile division of a scuffling company?

In light of what is known to this point, it is fair to say that neither Danielson nor Roxxi deserved such an abrupt and shoddy ending to their careers in WWWE and TNA, respectively, but as much as we might not want to admit it, it could put them on a path to bigger and better things.

Frank Krewda

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