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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Cena

Are you one of those people who just can't bring yourself to cheer anything John Cena does, no matter how impressive or electrifying it may be? Do you feel compelled to voice your displeasure at his position in WWE at every opportunity? Do you find yourself wondering at full voice just how in the blue hell Vince McMahon could make Cena the face of WWE?

I would suggest the answer to that last question lies in the following story:

After the May 31 episode of Raw, Cena went on his Twitter account and tweeted the following: "CeNation. Evan is for real. I have always felt he has been overlooked, and it was a privilege to be his team mate."

It's a simple enough statement. But think of what a public compliment like that, coming from the most famous wrestler in the company, means to a relative new-comer like Bourne, who is just now testing the upper-card waters. In an industry that typically sees the high-and-mighty do their best to undercut and bury those below them, Cena's comments say more about him than they do about Bourne.

No, Cena, is not blessed with great technical ability. But he seems to be blessed with leadership ability. Taking a moment to verbally support somebody at the other end of the card is the act of a leader. Cena didn't moan about sharing the main-event match on Raw with a prelim wrestler, he didn't whine about having to carry anybody. Of course, being secure in his spot, it's easy for Cena to say nice things about Evan Bourne, who is in no position to threaten his standing in the company.

But Cena made the gesture, which is more than many veteran locker room leaders would have done. And that alone should tell you why Cena remains at the top of WWE's pecking order.

--Frank Krewda

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