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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"PWI 500": 301-400

301. Xtremo
302. Joey Mercury
303. Rory McAllister
304. Rob Eckos
305. Brandon Bonham
306. Mike Mondo
307. Robbie McAllister
308. Aden Chambers
309. Benjamin Boone
310. Harley Jackson
311. Prince Nana
312. Billy Bax
313. Shark Boy
314. Strongman
315. Jimmy Rave
316. Scorpio Sky
317. Jushin Liger
318. Shaun Tempers
319. Johnny Kashmere
320. Jackson Andrews
321. The Blue Meanie
322. Jimmy DeMarco
323. Dragon Rojo Jr.
324. Bo Rotundo
325. KC Kea
326. Spike Dudley
327. Dal Knox
328. Brandon Locke
329. Ron Zombie
330. Matt Cross
331. Duke Rotundo
332. Matt Walsh
333. La Mascara
334. Brad Attitude
335. Silas Young
336. TJ Perkins
337. Sangre Azteca
338. Glamour Boy Shane
339. Phil Atlas
340. Tim Donst
341. Egotistico Fantastico
342. Leo Kruger
343. Michael Tarver
344. Tommy Thunda
345. Kimo
346. Tito Colon
347. Trik Davis
348. Ryan McBride
349. J.D. Maverick
350. Santino Marella
351. Truitt Fields
352. The Sheik
353. Nicky Benz
354. L.A. Park
355. Gregory Helms
356. Frankie the Mobster
357. Sinn Bodhi
358. Hunico
359. Pat Buck
360. Mahoney
361. Jeremy Vain
362. Don Paysan
363. Johnny Gargano
364. Richie Steamboat
365. Caprice Coleman
366. Mason Ryan
367. Savio Vega
368. Charley Manson
369. Jonny Puma
370. Josh Alexander
371. T.J. Mack
372. Marshall Gambino
373. Chasyn Rance
374. Shane Haste
375. Bobby Dempsey
376. Matt Burns
377. Kirby Mack
378. Ryoji Sai
379. Danny Daniels
380. Derrick Bateman
381. Asylum
382. Kevin Grace
383. Lynx
384. Mike Tobin
385. Tank
386. Ultimo Dragon
387. Marion Fontaine
388. Zaquary Springate III
389. Matt Riviera
390. Chase Del Monte
391. Ricky Reyes
392. Kenzo Suzuki
393. Simon Sez
394. Vance Nevada
395. Joey Knight
396. Orion Bishop
397. Aero Star
398. John McChesney
399. Robin Knightwing
400. Bazooka Joe

Tomorrow: 201-300


Bob Durso said...

I just received your edition of the PWI 500 in the mail today. I saw that when you go from page 113 to 114, it skips from 327 to 329. It looks like #328 Brandon Locke was accidentally left out of the list.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

You made my day, Bob!

An unforgivable mistake. For what's it's worth, here is what should have been in the magazine.

328 BRANDON LOCKE (6’, 220, 6, 446) “The Real Deal” is the reigning New England Championship Wrestling triple-crown champion … Defeated Max Bauer for that title in February … Made it to the four-way Iron Man finals of the 2009 NECW Iron 8 tournament, which was won by Antonio Thomas … After the loss, Locke attacked Thomas and smashed the championship trophy … Proud native of the Jersey Shore is one of the most despised wrestlers in Chaotic Wrestling … Turned on his partner Chase Del Monte, igniting a heated feud.

Stu Saks/Publisher

Anonymous said...

Simon Sez!!! Awesome to see that name on the list!

Bob Durso said...

Thanks! Excellent job again. After subscribing to you guys for a good number of years, I must say that the PWI 500 is one of the top highlights of my wrestling calendar. It has been a great way for me to see how some of my favorite wrestlers' careers are doing, follow some old names I haven't heard about in a while, and get to know about a whole bunch of new guys coming up in the sport.

wicked said...

It's Orion Bishop not Orien Bishop. Hope its right in magazine

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

It's "Orion" in the magazine. I'll correct it here. Thanks.

--Stu Saks

Anonymous said...

This is always a fun read. I especially like catching up on some of my favorite independent wrestlers.

Anonymous said...

Stu, who are your current five favorite independent wrestlers (not including ROH wrestlers)?

Anonymous said...


I noticed in your list of the top 500 wrestlers of 2010, you listed a wrestler at #352 named "The Sheik". I did a double-take at that name, as I grew up in the Big Time Wrestling era in Detroit, where the REAL Sheik, Bobo Brazil, Dick the Bruiser, Killer Tim Brooks, et al tore it up in "Air Conditioned Cobo Arena". Could you give me some information on this poser, and undoubtably poor imitation of the real thing?!

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...


The Sheik listed at #352 is actually a wrestler who has been gaining a lot of notoriety in the Florida and southern regions. Though he is clearly not the original Sheik, this Sheik does have the blessing of Ed Farhat's (the original Sheik) family to use the name.

We actually just did an "Introducing" with him for the upcoming The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol. 35 which will be hitting newsstands on August 17. Make sure to check it out as it goes over all the cool details about his career and how he got to use the name, The Sheik.

I would also recommend taking a look at some of his matches on YouTube, he's a monstrous and intimidating guy who is drawing a lot of attention to himself lately.

Jeff Ruoss
Managing Editor

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting article, Jeff.