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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Miz' Time Has Arrived

Predicting the outcome of wrestling matches is like predicting the weather. Anything can happen, and the more you bank on one thing, the more likely something else is to happen. Nevertheless, I'm going out on a limb and predicting that The Miz will emerge from SummerSlam as the new WWE champion.

I can't argue that putting the "big belt" on Miz is a good or bad idea. I do, however, feel that with Sheamus being the prototypical "transitional" heel champion, simply having Orton take his title is too predictable for a WWE showcase event such as SummerSlam.

Oh, I think Orton will wrest the strap from Sheamus, but I think Miz will quickly cash in his Money in the Bank title shot against a depleted Orton and defeat him. What better way to cement Miz as a detestable heel main-eventer than to have him take the title off a fan favorite in such a cheap manner?

Also, I would not be surprised if Orton invokes his rematch clause against The Miz to recapture the WWE title the next night on Raw.

Of course, none of this is based on logic or fact, just a hunch. It just feels right to me that Miz would get a well-deserved push into the WWE upper deck at one of WWE's four big pay-per-views.
How do you see it playing out?

Frank Krewda


Anonymous said...

I hate watching The Miz...he's so boring.

Anonymous said...

I think Sheamus will retain possibly by dq because wwe want to push him as a strong main eventer.

Lou said...

I believe one of your fabulous contributing writers was on the "Miz is soon to be a star" bandwagon about six months ago? :)

Anonymous said...

the miz will blow his chance tonight he is very stupid he doesnt deserve the belt

Stu McKenzie - Mgr. said...

Whoever at WWE was been given the task of "The Miz" they deserve high praise. It shows serious commitment and care was taken cultivating Mike,
Not only are his promos crisp and entertaining, they have a a distinct reflection on wrestling's past, showing classic arrogance, confidence and complete disregard for what the crowd thinks or how they respond. One would most likely think of the style of the 4 Horsemen and their particular swagger.
My bet would be that Arn Anderson has had a lot of input into how "The Miz" developed and honed his persona. If so, kudos, as he has a genuine possibility of becoming this generation's Ric Flair type main event super-heel.

Good are on teh right track!

Anonymous said...

im predicting that the miz will be the first mitb winner unable to secure the title. Raw has so many maineventer heels they dont need miz as of rite now and i think the wwe are more intersted in pushing sheamus for a rematch with triple h. Unfortuantly or maybe fortuantly its just impossible to tell with the wwe (sometimes). Big Dave

Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to point oput that # 495 in the PWI 500 issue of this year is Indy wrestler Malachi. Well, you guys had a picture of the wrong Malachi. I think you meant the one that looks similar to Mike Knox but the one in the picture was a friend of mine who looks nothing like him. Also, you said that the Uso brothers were in a picture together in the list but really that was Jimmy and Tamina. I'm not trying to point out all your mistakes but great issue!! I love your mags.