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Monday, September 20, 2010

Is Tag Team Wrestling Dead to WWE?

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre, who have wrestled exactly two matches as a team, are currently the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Rhodes & McIntyre won the belts in a Tag Team Turmoil Match tonight at Night of Champions. Entering the fray last, they defeated another makeshift team, Evan Bourne & Mark Henry, to win the match and the gold.

So now if you believe in the significance of the secondary titles in wrestling (a topic we look at in the December issue of PWI), then this now 2-0 duo is the best tag team in the land.

I know that you're never more than an opportunity three-count away from being a champion, but that's kind of ridiculous, don't you think?

Honestly, it speaks volumes about the art of tag team wrestling and its place in WWE.

The teams that started the match, The Hart Dynasty and The Usos, have been feuding over the title for months, and the third of the five teams in, Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov, have been doing the odd couple schtick for weeks now.

That's fine...but in the end, the championship came down to Bourne & Henry vs. McIntyre & Rhodes, a pair of duos who before tonight had less wins together than most combinations of Divas.

As it is, even their involvement in the match is suspect, regardless of the result.

Seriously - on the SmackDown roster alone, you have two teams in The Dudebusters and Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins who are or have been actual regular teams, and the duo of MVP & JTG have teamed up a couple times as well. Then, on Raw, you've got four members of Nexus, R-Truth & John Morrison (who fought for those same titles at WrestleMania, mind you), and a character with all the money in the world in Ted DiBiase (who could've bought himself a makeshift partner for the night) not collecting a PPV paycheck.

Consider that a lost opportunity. Now, McIntyre is the "chosen one" and the writers are badly trying to get Ravishing Ripoff Rhodes over with his new gimmick, but isn't there a better way than slapping them together, giving them belts that become more meaningless by the day, and letting them run wild on both shows?

Guess not. And unlike when WWE did the same thing with Edge & Chris Jericho, Jericho & Big Show, or Big Show & Miz, this time they're relying on two guys who have never really been considered to be in the upper echelon of talent - so it looks less like "opportunity" and more like "desperation."

The same thing has kind of happened down in FCW, which went from The Usos and Los Aviadores having five-star barnburners on TV to a team winning the belts in their first-ever match together (a phenomenon you can read about come Oct. 19 in the next issue of Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler).

Maybe The Usos are the kiss of death?

I don't know. But I eagerly look forward to watching Rhodes & McIntyre battle Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust while the Samoans, Canadians, and Dudes all sit at home doing a whole lot of nothing.

-Louie Dee
Contributing Writer


Anonymous said...

Even though I don't like those two getting the titles, at least we will probably see the champs on tv more often. At times I had to try to remember who the tag champs were.

Anonymous said...

As the guy above said