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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hang In There, Kane

As journalists, we're not supposed to take sides nor have a rooting interest in any way. I have to admit something right here, however. We at PWI have been rooting seriously for Kane lately. No, we haven't lost our moral compass; it's all about business.

You see, Kane is featured on the cover of our annual "PWI Presents: The Greats Of The Game" issue, which works out great for us as long as he's still in possession of the World title. If he loses, well, he's no less interesting to read about, but, truth be told, the issue will sell better if he's still on top.

So ... Go Kane!

By the way, the issue also features Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, Bret Hart, and Christian. There are 24 pages devoted to each star, including a look at their current careers as well as an all-inclusive career bio that includes color pinups of their entire careers. Finally, we've selected from our archives what the editors believe to be each wrestler's career-defining story and reproduced it in this issue.

I urge you to pick one up at the newsstand beginning November 9 or pre-order below.

Stu Saks

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