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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angel Is The Devil

Dear Ms. Angel Orsini,

I write this letter to you as a matter of professional courtesy, which is something I’m sure you will need to look up in the dictionary, as after our recent encounter, I seriously doubt you have any idea you know what it means.

This past Saturday, I was asked to attend the WSU show in Union City, New Jersey, to honor the WSU champion, Mercedes Martinez. As you are very well aware, Mercedes has been atop of the WSU roster since she won the title back in May of 2008. Now whom did she beat for that belt? I just had the name on the tip of my tongue a moment ago. Oh, that’s right, she beat you. So you should be very familiar with that match indeed.

Back to the point, however. The night was supposed to be about Mercedes. PWI was asked to come and present WSU’s Woman of the Year award to Ms. Martinez, I was to say a few kind words, and all would be well. But that wasn’t okay with you, was it?

I had a feeling from the moment you entered the ring during Mercedes’ acceptance speech that things wouldn’t continue to go so smoothly. When you grabbed the mike and started directing your frustrations toward me, I was sure the evening would be ruined.

While I’m normally a very attentive, patient, and laidback person, hearing you yammer on and on about how your All Guts, No Glory title needed to be recognized by not only WSU, but by PWI as well, well that really struck a bad chord with me. Look, any kid who’s cut enough lawns can save up to buy a belt and start proclaiming him or herself a champion as well. Doesn’t mean we, or anyone, has to acknowledge it.

As you continued spouting off your career accomplishments, which I will be the first to admit are rather impressive, my frustration at your audacity to come in the ring and steal Mercedes’ spotlight, not to mention my time, continued to grow.

Sure, I may have turned my back on you a few times. Maybe I checked my phone to see the score of the TCU vs. Utah college football game. Certainly I stopped listening more than halfway through.

Regardless of what I did, it does not excuse your actions that followed.

When you placed your hands on me and began ranting and raving about how you were going to “drop me” and “rip me apart” until you got your way, I knew you were out of your mind.

When I heard head WSU official Ray Sager yell to you to stop, I thought, Finally, someone is taking control of this mad woman. As WSU conceded to your threats in fear of my safety (and, more likely, a possible lawsuit), I was very pleased to have you let go of me, and get as far away from me as possible. But when you came back in my face, taunting me, delivering a painful knee to my stomach, and throwing me to the ground, that is when you crossed a line that should never be crossed.

Let’s get something straight, Ms. Orsini, I’m not a trained fighter. Much like The Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress, “The Pen Is Mightier” has been firmly engraved in my foundation. What does picking on me prove? That you, a trained combatant, can take down a kid who hasn’t been in a fight since Dan Martin tried to steal my lunch money in 5th grade? Well, cheers to you.

The real travesty of this whole thing, Ms. Orsini, is that WSU officials did what they felt they had to for my safety (by the way, I do appreciate that) and now the AGNG title is officially recognized. But was that the right thing to do?

Caving in to—well let’s call it what it was—your terroristic threats was a huge mistake on their part. They’ve set a horrible precedent that undermines every ethic the company stands for.

As for me, anytime I’m asked to appear at a ceremony, I’m going to have to request bodyguards at my side in case some wrestler feels they can have their way with the magazine’s editorial policy through me. Believe me, Ms. Orsini and anybody else who might have a similar idea, PWI cares more about its journalistic principles than they do me. And that’s not a joke.

I’ve already let the WSU front office know I have no interest in pressing legal action against you or the promotion itself. I don’t see any reason to put both our companies through the anguish of a drawn-out court battle. Besides, after taking one of your hits personally, I have no doubt it will only be a short matter of time before someone much tougher comes along to put you in your place.

With that all said, Ms. Orsini, congratulations on having WSU recognize your championship belt. I hope you had fun displaying it around backstage on Saturday night while I was being cared for by medical personnel. But I want you to know something: While I may not be the final word in recognizing titles, I certainly have a very big vote. And as long as I am here, I will do everything in my power to make sure that hunk of metal you call a championship belt never gets recognized by the PWI family of magazines.

To me, Ms. Orsini, you will always be the kid down the street who cut some lawns over the summer, saved up some cash, bought a belt, and started calling herself a champion. And believe me, that takes absolutely no guts, and even less honor.

Jeff Ruoss
Managing Editor
Pro Wrestling Illustrated


Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

Dear Jeff,
As you know, I was on hand to photograph the in-ring award presentation at WSU ths past Saturday, and I was standing about three feet away when Angel attacked you.
Now, I have great respect for you as an editor, and you're my buddy, but for the love of God, man the hell up!!!
Stu Saks, our boss, expressed some disappointment that I didn't step in to defend you after Angel laid you out. But, quite frankly, you were jawing with a chick ... I kinda thought you wouldn't need my help.
It's bad enough Orsini stomped a mud hole in you and walked it dry, but to come on this blog and squawk about legal action and persist in insulting her by equating her to a kid that mows lawns for pocket money is weak.
On the other hand, I agree with you 1,000% that WSU set a bad precedent by caving to Orsini's demands, and it is a precedent we will never follow. No wrestler, male or female, from WSU to WWE shapes our editorial policy. But Jeff, unles you plan to teach Orsini a lesson in the ring, just let it blow over. Otherwise, PWI may have to revoke your man card.
Frank Krewda

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

Simmer down, Frank!

Jeff was in a lose-lose situation. He defends himself against a woman and we have a N.O.W. march down Butler Pike in Blue Bell, PA. He did what any decent man would do.

The picture accompanying Jeff's blog, by the way, was supplied by freelancer Dan McMillan. Observers told me that you were laughing too hard to focus your camera.

Stu Saks

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

The point I was trying to make had less to do with Jeff being attacked and more to do with his post. Anybody can be sucker punched, even by a woman, although I'll admit Angel is not your typical woman. She's as bad ass as they come, so I will cut Jeff some slack there.
However, moaning about it on the blog after the fact just seems like bad form, especially for a male. Just my two cents.
Frank Krewda

Karen said...

Well I, as a reader and longtime wrestling fan, would like to formally complain about Jeff's lack of balls. To be dropped so easily like third-period French? By a woman? In fishnet stockings? Man, I hope you never walk alone on Broad Street in Philly.

For shame, Jeff! Perhaps purebred cat shows are more your speed. But I bet the cats would kick your ass, too.

Angel Orsini said...

Hey PWI,
How you doin'? ;-)
Yo Jeff, sorry that you had to "take one for the team" in order for me to get my point across in this matter. You shouldn't take it personally because you were just the sacrificial lamb. Yes, I did use you as leverage to get what I wanted from WSU - FINALLY got my belt sanctioned by the company! However, I also have had an on-going problem with PWI dating back to my time as WSU champion when I wasn't even ranked that year in the magazine. That was the reason for the physical altercation, because I did not forget that injustice & disrespect shown to me by the magazine you represent. Now, I must state, that I did not premeditate this but I am REALLY p*ssed off about everything and I lost my temper. To add insult to injury, I also recalled that I made history with Mercedes last year in that 70 minute Ironwoman match but your magazine continues to ignore the fact I was the OTHER woman in that match. I made history & then I'm ranked 28th while she's ranked 3rd. I just don't see the logic! After all this I'm just done talking, it was time for action. And by the way, I did not purchase the belt, a sponsor had it made for me, I did not even choose the colors or design or any part of it, I just named it upon its presentation to me. Jeff, just stop whining, I said I was sorry & I was just using you to prove my point...most guys would be happy to be used by me :)Actually, you should be thanking me, I made an otherwise boring ceremony interesting & now wrestling fans know who you are!
All the very best,
Angel Orsini
All Guts No Glory Champion

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

Quick question for you. Now that you've successfully prostituted us to get your way, are we square? Or, will you continue to dredge up old greivences and "slights" By PWI? Just wanted to know before we continue "ignoring" your career.
Frank Krewda

Angel Orsini said...

Hey Frank,
We're straight, our past has been reconciled to my satisfaction. Retribution has been checked off of my "things to do" list. I have to stay focused on defending my belt & proving myself to the WSU office.
Well, you guys are safe, at least until next year's rankings, lol!!! Kidding ;-)
All Guts No Glory Champion,
Angel Orsini

Carlos said...

I have to side with Angel in this case. Angel had a nearly yearlong run as WSU Champion, and had defended the title with honor. The fact that she had to make a physical point in making her name is a testament of PWI dropping the ball on your coverage, or lack thereof, of women's wrestling. She will once again prove her point that she will be a credible champion and soon to be WSU Hall of Famer.

Adan Reyes said...

Yay Utah!

Anonymous said...

There are so many more talented, classy lady wrestlers to cover. Why even bother with this one? Just out of curiosity, how many fans attended this event? This promotion probably gets more press than any other similarly attended one. If the fans don't even care to attend, why should anyone else care about it? Outside of the attack, is there really any news here?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy...err, I mean Jeff,

Be glad it was my daughter and not me who kicked your ass or you wouldn't be able to even hold a pen, windbag. Hope to see you soon, you the horse you ride in on, and the cavalry of wimps that follow you.

Tony Orsini (just call me Dad...or nails).

bradyhicks said...

As an avid wrestling fan who has actually managed a few wrestlers from ringside, I have had my share of bumps and bruises in the ring. I can even accept that I probably had it coming THE SECOND I tried to get physically involved in any match. As a writer and a friend of PWI editor Jeff Ruoss, however, I am appalled with the way he was assaulted by Angel Orsini at WSU last Saturday.

Jeff was trying to present an award to one of the consensus top female wrestlers in the world. It's a disgrace that he is now being physically (and now verbally) abused for it. "Take it like a man"?! What kind of crap is that? Jeff is not a wrestler ... not even much of a fighter. And what Angel did last Saturday makes her nothing more than a bully.

Contributing Writer