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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

H(ip), H(ip), H(ooray)

Let me add my applause to those fans at Philips Arena last night who gave Triple-H such a warm ovation one night after his brilliant match against Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Without the physical tools in his arsenal that his buddy Shawn Michaels possessed, his only chance to follow up HBK's two Matches of the Year against UT on Sunday night was to match the "Dead Man's" determination and courage. He did just that.

Triple-H may not have scored the win, but standing in the ring last night and being doused with the fans' respect had to be the highlight of his career. This man has taken a lot of abuse from fans since his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. He has been deemed overrated for so long that he's actually underrated. I thank you, Hunter, for your part in what was by far the best match at WrestleMania. And I thank the fans in Atlanta for what they gave you last night in return.

Stu Saks

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

In my zeal to applaud The Undertaker's gutty performance at 'Mania, I overlooked Triple-H's role in bringing the best out of 'Taker. Indeed, he deserves recognition for his part at WM27, as do the fans in the Philips Arena on April 4.
Frank Krewda