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Friday, April 1, 2011

WrestleMania 27: PWI Staffers' Predictions

With so many outsiders making appearances at WM27, exactly how each bout will turn out is anyone's guess. However, our editors and senior writers think they have a line on who will prevail. Below are match-by-match predictions made by six senior PWI staff members, followed by a few lines of commentary:

The Big Show/Kane & Santino Marella /Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater & Wade Barrett/Ezekiel Jackson

Al Castle: Gabriel/Slater & Barrett/Jackson
Dan Murphy: Gabriel/Slater & Barrett/Jackson
Dave Lenker: Gabriel/Slater & Barrett/Jackson
Frank Krewda: Show/Kane & Marella/Kozlov
Harry Burkett: Gabriel/Slater & Barrett/Jackson
Stu Saks: Show/Kane & Marella/Kozlov

Commentary: A Corre loss would suggest that WWE has cooled on Barrett, which is unlikely. Just as unlikely: WWE squandering a 'Mania spot to elevate a comedy act like Show/Kane/Marella/Kozlov.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger); "Stone-Cold" Steve Austin special guest referee

Al Castle: Lawler
Dan Murphy: Lawler
Dave Lenker: Lawler
Frank Krewda: Cole
Harry Burkett: Cole
Stu Saks: Lawler

Commentary: Lawler fans may not get the satisfaction of seeing Cole trounced in the ring, but it's a safe bet he and Swagger will be "Stunnered" into oblivion at some point.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Al Castle: Mysterio
Dan Murphy: Mysterio
Dave Lenker: Rhodes
Frank Krewda: Rhodes
Harry Burkett: Rhodes
Stu Saks: Mysterio

Commentary: Assuming there is a kernel of truth to the rumors of Mysterio seeking his WWE release, WrestleMania would be the perfect place for him to put Rhodes over. After all, Rhodes' Smackdown push hasn't exactly taken off.

Trish Stratus, Snooki, & John Morrison vs. Michelle McCool, Layla, & Dolph Ziggler
Al Castle: Team Snooki
Dan Murphy: Team Snooki
Dave Lenker: Team Snooki
Frank Krewda: Team Snooki
Harry Burkett: Team Snooki
Stu Saks: Team Snooki

Commentary: Special guests like Snooki are rarely booked by wrestling companies to be made to look bad … even if it means two former Divas champs have to take the fall to make her look good.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (U.S. title match)
Al Castle: Sheamus
Dan Murphy: Bryan
Dave Lenker: Bryan
Frank Krewda: Sheamus
Harry Burkett: Sheamus
Stu Saks: Bryan

Commentary: Would Sheamus be buried on Raw for months, only to win the U.S. title, then resume a losing streak at 'Mania? We don't think so. Then again, with his skills, it is hard to ever count Bryan out of any match.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
Al Castle: Punk
Dan Murphy: Orton
Dave Lenker: Punk
Frank Krewda: Orton
Harry Burkett: Punk
Stu Saks: Orton

Commentary: Considering the odds Orton overcame to secure a one-on-one match with Punk at WM 27, logic dictates that though Punk may be sitting pretty going into the show. Orton will find a way to win.

The Miz vs. John Cena (WWE championship match)
Al Castle: Cena
Dan Murphy: Miz
Dave Lenker: Miz
Frank Krewda: Cena
Harry Burkett: Miz
Stu Saks: Cena

Commentary: WWE has allowed The Rock, and—to some extent—The Miz, to denigrate its franchise player for several weeks. Cena will get payback at some point. Can there a higher-profile stage on which he can get it? He does and Rock graciously gives him his endorsement afterward.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (World championship match)
Al Castle: Del Rio
Dan Murphy: Del Rio
Dave Lenker: Del Rio
Frank Krewda: Del Rio
Harry Burkett: Del Rio
Stu Saks: Del Rio

Commentary: It is wholly obvious that given Del Rio's spectacular months-long push, that he won't fall short at 'Mania. However, an Edge-Christian feud, which we suspect could kick off at WM 27, will distract from Edge's loss, without detracting from Alberto's win.

The Undertaker vs. Triple-H
Al Castle: Undertaker
Dan Murphy: Undertaker
Dave Lenker: Undertaker
Frank Krewda: Undertaker
Harry Burkett: Undertaker
Stu Saks: Undertaker

Commentary: Just. Not. Time. Yet.

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