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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"PWI 500" Top 10 List A Fraud!

Please dismiss any "PWI 500" top 10 lists you might find on the Internet. The only people who know at this point are the editors and the pressmen at Kappa Graphics, our printer. The only piece of information that has been released is that The Miz is number one.

I have seen the list that is circulating, and it's not even close!

Stu Saks


Want to be #500 said...

We demand the top 500 countdown, 100 at a time, like last year. You guys are a week behind schedule compared to last year. Please start today!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree!

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

You know, you could actually buy the magazine.

Stu Saks

Anonymous said...

Is the magazine on sale today? It says on your list that it is to be released aug.2?

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

August 16 on newsstands.

Brian said...

Counting down the days until it shows up.

Anonymous said...

Stu, when can we expect the subscribed issues to be mailed

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

They were mailed July 30. When will yours actually arrive? All I can say is periodicals mail is very unpredictable.