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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"PWI 500": 301-400

301. Jason Bane
302. Dennis Rivera
303. Pepper Parks
304. Lance Bravado
305. Harlem Bravado
306. Dylan Kage
307. Kijimuna
308. Dan Lawrence
309. Matt Cage
310. Silas Young
311. Craig Classic
312. Shane Hollister
313. Brandon Locke
314. Sugar Dunkerton
315. Slyck Wagner Brown
316. Aden Chambers
317. Robert Anthony
318. Robbie McAllister
319. T.J. Perkins
320. Hallowicked
321. Cliff Compton
322. Don Paysan
323. Robbie Gilmore
324. Max Bauer
325. N8 Mattson
326. Brian Milonas
327. Mohamad Ali Vaez
328. Wes Brisco
329. Brandon Espinosa
330. Eli Cottonwood
331. Arick Andrews
332. Desean Bishop
333. Samuel Elias
334. Christopher Rockwell
335. J.D. Maverick
336. Jinder Mahal
337. Donny Marlow
338. Alexander Rusev
339. Ace Hawkins
340. Cole Callway
341. Jerome Hendrix
342. The Blue Meanie
343. Andy Ridge
344. C.J. Esparza
345. Mike Mondo
346. Ophidian
347. Diego Corleone
348. R.D. Evans
349. Amasis
350. Jake O’Reilly
351. Kirby Mack
352. Brett Gakiya
353. Steve Boz
354. Jake Crist
355. Tommy Treznik
356. DJ Hyde
357. Ryan Bisbal
358. TJ Mack
359. Paredyse
360. Vance Nevada
361. Shane Haste
362. Franky the Mobster
363. Lince Dorado
364. Dave Crist
365. Kyle Sebastian
366. Devon Moore
367. Asylum
368. Corey Hollis
369. Mike Sydal
370. Ryan Rush
371. Roman Leakee
372. Matt Burns
373. Russell Walker
374. Kevin Grace
375. Adam Revolver
376. Steven Walters
377. Sam Shields
378. Danny Havoc
379. Mike Rollins
380. Ted McNaler
381. Damien Slater
382. Jake Manning
383. Ryan McBride
384. Sinn Bodhi
385. Josh Alexander
386. Bloody Harker Dirge
387. RJ City
388. Alex Silva
389. Mega
390. Jonny Puma
391. Aaron Epic
392. Adam Windsor
393. Cobian
394. Chase Del Monte
395. Shiima Xion
396. Ricochet
397. Papadon
398. Josef Von Schmidt
399. Pat Buck
400. Dan Maff


Winston Wedemire said...

how is it that you put the miz on the top 500 put you keep missing out on so many great wrestlers like Ravenous Randy,Chucky Blaze,Superfly Dan and Alex Plexis.this is just a few of the great young stars in Calgary Alberta Canada and all of them have more talent in there little finger then the miz who ever pick's this list would not know talent if it hit them in the face.

Marko50 said...

Maybe that's why these "great" wrestlers are not on the 500. No flame war; there are a lot of deserving wrestlers that *I* know and I'm sure every non-exclusive-to-WWE/TNA fan feels the same.

That said, many are not on the list because either they or their promotion doesn't care to be on the list. They have to *try* to be on the list to even have a chance. In other words, many of the talents have NOT hit the PWI writers/editors in the face. Some, unfortunatly, because they don't care about being listed.

Bob Durso said...

I'm currently reading through you PWI 500 magazine and saw your comment about accidentally leaving Brandon Locke out of the magazine last year. Glad to see he made it again and moved up a bit!

I'm always impressed by your lists each year and appreciate how it helps me learn about other wrestlers who might not have much exposure to a national audience in the U.S. Keep up the good work!