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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PWI On Twitter; Website Changes

Hot on the heels of the debut of PWI Digital, Pro Wrestling Illustrated continues its technological evolution with our new PWI Twitter page!  Our Twitter handle is @OfficialPWI. In the first few days since we launched the page, we’ve gained more than 300 followers. In the coming weeks and, we’re hoping to add even more fans and enthusiasts to the fold.

Wrestling aficionados far and wide make good use of the so-called “Twitterverse,” so we figured it was about time to dip our virtual toes into the freewheeling exchange of information that unfolds minute by minute on the Information Superhighway. We’re going to make the most out of this online adventure by tweeting about events and developments from the world of professional wrestling as they unfold. Along the way, we’ll interact with loyal readers and PWI faithful from around the world and we’ll re-tweet the best stuff from the Twitter pages of the industry’s best and brightest. And hey, would you blame us if we threw out a plug or two every so often for some of our stuff? Watch our Twitter page for updates and previews of outstanding content you’ll find in forthcoming issues of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler.

Our Twitter account is manned by a handful of staff and contributors from the PWI bullpen, and we’ll all do the best job possible at monitoring the ebb and flow of action and intrigue within the squared circle and beyond. We’ll also look for ways to integrate our tweets with PWI’s existing online content, including PWI’s official website, as well as our blog and Facebook page. 

A word about the PWI Website: Beginning earlier this week, and entered into an agreement by which would provide RSS feeds to our site, enabling our visitors to receive wrestling news from around the globe on an immediate basis. We think you'll enjoy's brand of journalism and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

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