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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sssssshhhhhh!!! I'm Watching Lockdown!

Having watched TNA Lockdown from the comfort of my livingroom, I have no idea what was going on with the crowd at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on April 15. All I know is the fans in attendance, how ever many or few, were eerily silent throughout the show, and their silence cast a pall over the pay-per-view broadcast, making for a very tepid show.

Granted, Lockdown 2012 wasn’t what I would call a great PPV, but it wasn’t TNA’s worst, either. If it were such a poor show, I’d have expected the fans to at least boo once in a while, but there was hardly any discernable reaction from them until Jeff Hardy hit Kurt Angle with a Swanton from the top of the steel cage.

What happened? Was the crowd inadequately miked? Were the fans hoarse from cheering on their Predators, who defeated the Detroit Red Wings earlier in the day? Or were the fans so uninspired by the action that they didn’t care to express themselves in any way.

If you’re in the know, or were in the crowd at Lockdown, please give me a shout.

—Frank Krewda

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