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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1,000th Raw A Big Winner, But ...

The Raw 1000th episode was, quite simply, superb. The integration of legends and current talent, old storylines and new, the production values and video montages, the surprises, the build for future Raws and pay-per-views. Everything.

Well, not everything. I think WWE came up short at the finish line. As CM Punk walked slowly away from the ring after taking advantage of a kayoed John Cena and laying out The Rock, the fans in St. Louis should have been booing him unmercifully. Their silence should have sent a loud message to WWE that the fans just don't want to hate this man.

For the life of me, I don't understand why WWE doesn't get that yet. While I also don't fully understand why so many fans despise Cena, facts are facts. If the fans want to hate on him for a while, just let it be. It's unnatural to set up Punk to be the bad guy when so many fans love him so much.

My hope is that WWE allows Punk to stay true to his character as the questions about his actions and inactions are answered. Punk appeared to be a conflicted man as he pondered whether or not it was ethical to try to pin Cena after he had been assaulted by The Big Show. I'd like to see WWE allow Punk to show his depth and not go about this turn in the way it's been done so many times in this sport's history.

For sure, I'll be watching 1,001st to see how this develops.

Stu Saks

1 comment:

Tony Laplume said...

Punk can cut the right promo next week. It won't be the SES or Nexus version of Punk, but probably more like the PipeBomb, voicing his real frustrations with The Rock, which will have more impact than Cena's leading up to 'Mania. The fans will decide what to think, but Punk will have his edge back. That's what they've been wanting anyway.