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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kamala Needs Your Help

Several months back, Jim “Kamala” Harris lost his legs to diabetes. In addition to ending his wrestling career, the amputations forced him to give up his job of driving a truck, which was his primary source of income.

Several organizations and individuals have launched campaigns to help raise funds for Kamala, to assist with his medical bills and help cover the cost of a prosthetic that might allow him to resume his job as a driver. However, Kamala has said that he has not received any of the money collected by these individuals and organizations.

One of the organizations coming under fire is Wrestlers Rescue. As of this writing, that organization’s website has been suspended. An e-mail sent to its founder, Dawn Marie Psaltis, has not been returned.

I don’t want to speculate on whether Wrestlers Rescue, or any other organization, is being disingenuous – at least, not without hearing both sides of the story. What I DO want to do is encourage PWI readers to make a donation to help. Kamala is receiving direct donations via PayPal at

I was fortunate enough to work with Kamala a few times; I actually got into the safari suit and mask and played Kimchee for a half-dozen shows in New York, New Jersey, and Ontario. I spent hours sitting backstage with the big man or traveling with him. We talked about wrestling, our wives, our families. He told me plenty of stories of unscrupulous promoters, racism, and rip-offs. Now, according to him, he’s being ripped off again by people fraudulently collecting money in his name.

Kamala is a sweet, soft-spoken, gentle giant. He didn’t make millions in wrestling; far from it. And now he can use our help.

I made my donation today. I encourage you to do the same.

Dan Murphy
Senior Writer

1 comment:

TL Boggs said...

I made my donation, this guy deserves our help. I believe he is a good man and will appreciate every penny. Thanks for the memories, Kamala.