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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

¿Quien Es “El Generico”?

When word got out that perennial indy favorite, El Generico, had signed with WWE, the news was met with a mixture of reactions and questions. Generico’s Twitter account was flooded with congratulations, well wishes, and more than a few wistful “goodbyes.” Indy wrestling fans were largely happy for the man who’d entertained crowds across the globe for the better part of a decade. They were also full of queries about his transition to WWE. Would Generico still wear his trademark mask? Would he retain his name? Would he be transformed into an entirely different character?

Fans had apparently gotten their answer last month, when El Generico made an appearance, mask and all, for NXT. This made sense, some fans mused, because Generico’s tongue-in-cheek persona had played a huge role in making him such a sensation on the independent circuit. Why mess with a good thing? Last week, many of these same fans were shocked when it was reported that the man they’d known as El Generico made another appearance for NXT – this time sans mask, wrestling under his real name, Rami Sebei.

Sebei’s sudden changes made some fans uneasy, but there’s hardly any reason for concern. While he made a name for himself under the “Generico” persona, it was Sebei’s technical skill and in-ring presence that really made him click with fans. Indy devotees everywhere will eagerly tell you about their favorite El Generico matches, every bit as quickly as they’ll talk about his charisma and famous ring entrance.

Yes, Rami Sebei is currently competing for NXT without his trademark mask. With or without it, though, he’ll find his niche. Sebei’s natural talents and ability to connect with fans will ensure he finds a way to be successful within the realm of WWE. Previous name aside, there is nothing “generic” about this man whatsoever.

Kevin McElvaney
PWI Contributing Writer

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