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Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Fearless "500" Forecasts Revealed!

As we say in the journalism business, the 2013 "PWI 500" has officially been put to bed. And although the issue won’t be available in digital format until August 22 and then hit the newsstands on September 17, we do have a "PWI 500" top 10 list for you to peruse. In fact, we have several.

You see, after putting together last year’s 
"PWI 500" (the digital edition  is still available for purchase) the PWI staff embarked on a fun project: predicting the 2013 "PWI 500's " top 10 a year in advance.

In doing so, we did our best to forecast who would rise to—or remain at—the top of sport over the following 12 months. The results are interesting, and for some of us, a little embarrassing.

While doing our best to avoid spoilers for the actual top 10 list, it’s clear that some of us were way off, while others showed better-than-average soothsaying abilities.

--Even a year ago, most of the PWI staff predicted John Cena and CM Punk would continue to reign atop the wrestling world. Half the team picked Cena to three-peat as the number-one ranked wrestler. Two other votes came in for CM Punk to top the list. Proving why he is our fearless leader, Stu Saks went out on a limb and predicted then-TNA World champion Austin Aries would achieve the top ranking.

--There were a few other wrestlers we expected to have a better year than they did. Again, while trying to avoid any major spoilers, I think it’s safe to say Bobby Roode, James Storm, Randy Orton, and Michael Elgin—who all made it onto more than one of our lists—didn’t live up to our expectations. A couple of us even picked The Miz to make it to the Top 10. Yes, really.

--In the “We didn’t see that coming” category, none of us picked Bully Ray, who ranked number 30 last year, to have a lengthy reign as TNA World champion.

--Even though he was still a mid-card act losing most of his matches, four of us picked Dolph Ziggler to break into the top 10 in this year’s list. We won’t give away whether he did or did not, but we certainly were right in predicting big things for the “Showoff” in 2013.

Here’s the full set of Top 10 predictions, all written on July 24-25, 2012. Let us know how you think we did in the comments section:

Stu Saks, Publisher
1. Austin Aries
2. CM Punk
3. John Cena
4. Sheamus
5. Davey Richards
6. Randy Orton
7. Hiroshi Tanahashi
8. Bobby Roode
9. Daniel Bryan
10. Alberto Del Rio

Dan Murphy, Senior Writer
1. John Cena
2. Randy Orton
3. Sheamus
4. Hiroshi Tanahashi
5. Dolph Ziggler
6. Alberto Del Rio
7. CM Punk
8. Bobby Roode
9. The Miz
10. Michael Elgin

Al Castle, Senior Writer
1. CM Punk
2. John Cena
3. James Storm
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. Randy Orton
6. Hiroshi Tanahashi
7. Daniel Bryan
8. Austin Aries
9. Bobby Roode
10. Michael Elgin

Kevin McElvaney, Contributing Writer
1. CM Punk
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Austin Aries
4. Kevin Steen
5. John Cena
6. Daniel Bryan
7. James Storm
8. Hiroshi Tanahashi
9. Sheamus
10. The Miz

Mike Bessler, Contributing Writer
1. John Cena
2. Austin Aries
3. CM Punk
4. Daniel Bryan
5. Bobby Roode
6. Sheamus
7. Hiroshi Tanahashi
8. Alberto Del Rio
9. James Storm
10. Kevin Steen

Brady Hicks, Contributing Writer
1. John Cena
2. CM Punk
3. Austin Aries
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. Bobby Roode
6. Hiroshi Tanahashi
7. Daniel Bryan
8. Sheamus
9. Eddie Edwards
10. Randy Orton



Jake McDonald said...

Well looks like most of you were right about Cena at the top. Punk had a great year but couldn't possibly top last year. Orton was beyond stagnant before he won MITB, I suspect he'll be back near the top next year.
Is there any chance whatsoever that someone won't predict Daniel Bryan at #1 for 2014?

Warwolf said...

I was actually surprised to even find a copy of the 500 in town. Saratoga Springs has been notorious for having no real way to get ahold of wrestling mags so I snap them up when I can. So imagine my surprise that not only is Cena in the top spot, but a Japanese wrestler I'm only just learning about made the number three slot. I would love to see more of this guy and will definitely be looking him up on Youtube.

Luckily it seems the new bookstore in town will be getting the mag in regularly. But I figure I'm just gonna up and subscribe to the thing once I get back from New York Comic Con, as its something I've never had the money for till recently since I usually save up to go to the con but this year I have a bit of a surplus.

That reminds me, you guys should consider attending New York Comic Con. Just about everyone else does, and I would love to see some people from PWI there.