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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"PWI 500": 101-200

101. Colt Cabana
102. Homicide
103. Jon Moxley
104. Averno
105. Yuji Nagata
106. Delirious
107. Magnus
108. Jerry Lynn
109. Wade Barrett
110. Naruki Doi
111. Mephisto
112. Steve Corino
113. Goldust
114. Joe Hennig
115. Masakatsu Funaki
116. Max Buck
117. Zach Ryder
118. El Generico
119. Jeremy Buck
120. Keiji Muto
121. Suwama
122. Karl Anderson
123. Rhett Titus
124. Shannon Moore
125. Primo Colon
126. William Regal
127. Yujiro
128. Erick Stevens
129. Brian Kendrick
130. The Great Khali
131. Tyson Dux
132. KENTA
133. Chessman
134. Jay Lethal
135. Orlando Jordan
136. Finlay
137. Toshiaki Kawada
138. Negro Casas
139. Rhino
140. Kensuke Sasaki
141. Justin Gabriel
142. Kenny Omega
143. Masato Tanaka
144. Paul London
145. Marco Corleone
146. Tetsuya Naito
147. Ray Gonzalez
148. La Parka
149. Joe Lider
150. Jimmy Jacobs
151. Kaz Hayashi
152. Naoya Ogawa
153. Mikal Judas
154. Trent Beretta
155. Vladimir Kozlov
156. Katsuhiko Nakajima
157. Silver King
158. CIMA
159. Caylen Croft
160. Paul Birchill
161. Chuck Taylor
162. Perro Aguayo Jr.
163. Scott Steiner
164. Brett DiBiase
165. Brent Albright
166. Extreme Tiger
167. Tajiri
168. Vance Archer
169. Sean Waltman
170. Shawn Daivari
171. Joey Ryan
172. Chris Masters
173. Tomko
174. Sami Callihan
175. Latin Lover
176. Alex Koslov
177. Chavo Guerrero
178. Sonjay Dutt
179. Felino
180. Tyler Reks
181. Jun Akiyama
182. Martin Stone
183. Pac
184. Kiyoshi
185. Manabu Nakanishi
186. Petey Williams
187. Shinjiro Otani
188. Atlantis
189. Austin Creed
190. Necro Butcher 
191. Drake Brewer
192. Giant Bernard
193. Tommy Dreamer
194. Stevie Richards
195. Joe E. Legend
196. Bison Smith
197. Darren Young
198. Nicho El Millionario
199. Blue Panther
200. Jason Hades

Tomorrow: 1-100


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing to see what little love the midwest/central states area (mo, ks, ia) received this yr. Gone from last yr are Donovan Ruddick, Brandon Espinosa. no Ben Sailor, Nate Bash or Jeremy Wyatt, guys who've been in last 2 yrs. No Mark Sterling, Steve Fender or Jaysin Strife. Wyatt, Sterling, and Fender are legitimately better than over half that list, at worst. This region is over looked every yr, hell, Dingo was IWA ms champ for over a yr during the last yrs (2008-2009)pwi period and he was omitted. Hard as it is to believe, there's good indy workers in other places besides the east and west coast.

Anonymous said...

Get in line, Anonymous. South Africa's wrestling scene is just as overlooked. Where's Tornado II, Jason Steele, Shaun Koen, Johnny Palazzio, Akilah, et al? They are also legitimately better than half this list.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...

I can assure you that we made every effort to include all areas in this year's list. If you take an objective evaluation of every name on the list, you'll see that the names that made the cut are all deserving competitors with solid credentials. If you feel a specific area was omitted, please check with your local promoters and talent to see if they submitted their information for consideration.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the final product.

-Dan Murphy

Mad Conservative said...

I concur with Anonymous 11:59AM, not as much representation in the midwest as there was last year - yes I encouraged people to send their info in and plugged the deadlines to get the stuff in. But I have to ask again - who were the last ones pushed out, call them bubble boys or whatnot that I guess would had been ranked #501-#510 so to speak?

Pro Wrestling Illustrated said...


We rank 500 wrestlers and not beyond that. There are a lot of wrestlers who are on the so-called "bubble." If we listed 501-510, somebody would invariably ask us for our 511-520.

Since this is the "PWI 500," we'd just as soon leave number 500 as the cutoff point.

Stu Saks

Anonymous said...

We're not asking for an extra 10/20 or so, but we'd appreciate it if these rankings could be more carefully put together and more research be done.

Undertakerfangirl said...

Um, just so you guys know, it's "Zack Ryder", with a "k", not an "h"....

Anonymous said...

Kozlov.. 155? Terribly off.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Naruki Doi and KENTA, probably two of the 5 best wrestlers in the world today, aren't even in the Top 100? That is so very, very sad...Who decides this stuff, and have they ever watched Dragon Gate at all?

I suppose YAMATO and Shingo are somewhere in the 200's, then?