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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Achievement Awards: Inspirational

Continuing our daily announcement of one PWI 2010 Achievement Award, today we announce the result of our readers' choice for Inspirational Wrestler of the Year.

(The Year-End issue is due on newsstands January 18, but you can order right now at our website,

2010 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year: Shawn Michaels
1st Runner-Up: Kurt Angle
2nd Runner-Up: John Cena
3rd Runner-Up: Rob Van Dam

Tomorrow: Most Improved


Anonymous said...

The two biggest mistakes you guys have made are not keeping WOW magazine around when you bought it and not having the new writers introduce themselves to their reaters. It seems every time a new issue comes out there are a plelthora of new writers on your staff. A little backround would be nice.

P.S. Where are you hiding Eddie Ellner

Anonymous said...

Sad that Bret Hart didn't register in the top 4, but then again he didn't really actively wrestle (though he did come back from a stroke and a decade+ of hardship and tragedy.)

Anonymous said...

Eddie Ellner is a yoga teacher in Santa Barbara.