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Friday, September 9, 2011

"Female 50" Issue Available At Special Price!

All it took was a mere tease on the home page of our website to incite all the "experts" out there who want to explain why we should or shouldn't have selected Madison Eagles as the number-one gal in the 2011 "Female 50" rankings. Better yet, some of these "experts" actually speculate on the remainder of the list--numbers 2 through 50--when the entire list hasn't even been published yet!

Want to get the jump on these self-proclaimed pundits? Check out our website, where you can order your copy of the November 2011 "Female 50" issue at the reduced price of $5.95! Not only can you cut through the all the misinformation littering the Web, you can save $4 off the newsstand price while doing it.

Much like our annual "PWI 500" ranking, this year's "Female 50" is sure to inspire some thought (and possibly debate) among readers. Any time our editors put together a list, we have to make some hard decisions that often get people talking. This year's ranking has quite a few newcomers in it. That means we had to drop some familiar faces from the list. To see how the 2011 "Female 50" rounded out, order the  November 2011 issue that appears at right.

Frank Krewda