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Friday, May 11, 2012

Wrestling Fan at a Crossroads

What to do ... what to do … As Rob Van Dam and Bobby Roode  gear up for their TNA World title match at Sacrifice this Sunday night, I'm wrestling with a dilemna that is new to me as a wrestling fan: Should I root for RVD to end Roode's championship reign or should I cheer for a Roode victory?

Yes, Bobby Roode is a creep and the manner in which he's behaved since becoming champion has been an affront to TNA fans, of which I am one. I am a lifelong Van Dam fan and supporter, and givien the ladder stipulation for Sunday's match, I expect him to be at his jaw-dropping, gravity-defying best at Sacrifice. Normally, the fan in me would be pulling for RVD to wipe the mat with Roode.

However, I am also a fan of TNA, and very much want the company to do what is right for its own long-term success. Part of what's good for TNA's long-term health, I believe, is allowing its younger stars like Roode to shine in critical spots like a major PPV against an established veteran superstar like Van Dam.

As much as I and other fans appreciate and enjoy RVD's exploits, the fact is, he is part of the "old guard," the stable of long-standing greats who are often criticized for hogging the up-and-comers' time in the spotlight. Van Dam may not look like it, or act like it, or even recognize it, but in the temporal sense, he fits that mold.

So I ask you, should I throw my weight behind Roode or Van Dam on Sunday night?

Frank Krewda