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Friday, November 9, 2012

Dateline Orlando

I braved the snow-dumping nor'easter and more Disney T-shirt-wearing tourists than I dare count, to travel down to Orlando for last night's edition of Impact Wrestling. As always, Dixie Carter and the gang were more than accomodating. TNA may have its faults, but this is a company that truly values its fans. If you haven't made the trek down to the Impact Zone yet, I highly encourage you to do so ... it's a great experience.

The purpose of my visit was to present Gail Kim with a plaque in recognition of her designation as number one in the 2012 "PWI Female 50." Unfortunately, Gail was on the live event circuit, but she joined me and Jeremy Borash via Skype for a "TNA Today" segment, which will be streamed next week on Both Gail and Jeremy had very nice things to say about PWI, and the segment went very well ... until Hurricane Tara blew onto the set.

The Knockouts champion was miffed that Kim got the top spot, and she made her feelings known in a not-too-subtle way. Be sure to check it out ... it's not to be missed.

Note to Stu Saks: We may have to buy Gail a new plaque.

Dan Murphy

Senior Writer