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Friday, August 8, 2014

Taking One (Too Far) For The Team

I'm sure that a lot of wrestlers and fans will disagree with me on this but after working closely with victims of violence and abuse for many years -- the vast majority of whom were female -- I was pretty uncomfortable with how everything went down with Dixie's table spot at the end of it all.

I've interviewed Bully and Devon and corresponded with Tommy Dreamer while working on different projects. They're all nice guys and I'm sure they very were careful in how they executed the move. Dixie knew what she was getting into and she sold it well. But the sight of a large contingent of the male-dominated locker room demanding that Spud turn her over to the guys and the sound of the entire Manhattan Center (again, mostly men) calling for her blood was just way too unsettling for me. I get that it's a show. I know she did it willingly. I understand the angle and everything that went into it. It just left me feeling really, really bad.

Mike Bessler
PWI Contributing Writer

Photo by Lee South/TNA Wrestling