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Monday, June 22, 2015

So Long

Shortly, we will be removing the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Blog, which has been relatively inactive for a while now. I want to thank those of you who have read the blogs over the years, and also those who have contributed as writers or responders.

Please sign up to our Twitter page, @OfficialPWI.

Stu Saks


Tony Laplume said...

Oh, I'm sure you guys are just happy that you won't have to worry about my rambling responses.

Chris Slater said...

I hadn't checked out the blog in a while; I really enjoyed the extra commentary. I've been a reader of the magazine since 1997, when I was 11. I follow on twitter and listen to the podcast. I'm a huge supporter of wrestling journalism.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the many years of great blogging.

The landscape of media is certainly changing. Cable is slowly being fazed out for digital streaming services, and print media is combating with similar digital outlets.

I've been a fan of PWI publications since I was a kid (I'm only 32, however). And while I have no doubts that PWI is financially strong (being the leader in pro-wrestling publications), changes in information mediums make me question the outlook of all print publications in the future.

Personally speaking, I think that as long as there is pro-wrestling, PWI will remain a relevant source for news and discussion. I would love to see PWI having more emphasis on the PWI Podcast (for weekly discussions), while transitioning the PWI Magazine from a monthly to a quarterly publication, highlighting the biggest news headlines of the last season, with featured roundtable discussions from the PWI staff, TV/ streaming ratings analysis, point/counterpoint op-eds, State of the WWE/ TNA/ Business/ etc. That way, quick-paced individual news stories can be addressed on the website and discussed on the podcast, while the PWI Magazines would sum up the biggest news stories in quarter-year publications, addressing the state of the business in a macro-perspective.

Regardless of how your tireless staff does it, I will always be a fan. Keep up the great work.

-Chris MacDonald